JHT at Wrocław
Constraints on angular numbers of pulsation modes
from spectroscopy

John Telting,   Wrocław,   June 2008
page 06
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Confirming the pulsational nature of line-profile variability:
Doppler Imaging

  Vogt & Penrod (1983) investigated the origin of the line-profile variability in the bright O9.5 Ve star ζ Oph, with rotational velocity Veqsin(i) = 370 km/s. They modelled
  • surface spots
  • circumstellar blobs/spokes
  • NRP ← ← ← ←

and concluded that the observations favour the NRP model.


  However, this paper did not completely settle the debate about the origin of LPV in early-type stars, but did spark off the development of the Doppler-Imaging technique.